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unaffiliated's podcast

Oct 23, 2017

Napoleon is recording a podcast live from The Menagerie of The Miraculous, or as his collaborators Adam and Jestin might call it, "The Freak Show." While there, he spots someone from his distant past, someone he has a history with.

Written and edited by Napoleon Doom
Cover Art by Napoleon Doom
I also write comic books...

Oct 17, 2017

Creeping Wave is a behind the scenes look into our escapades on "The Unaffiliated" once the mics go dead.

In this episode, Napoleon discovers his new romantic interest may be more devious than she seems. Unfortunately, its nothing as innocuous as her being a gold digger, or a stripper with daddy issues. No, she is...

Oct 11, 2017

Author’s Note:


When I had recorded this piece on the Civil War, back in April, the events in Charlottesville had not yet happened. I’ve hesitated in uploading this segment, specifically because I wanted to distance myself from the anger and ignorance assaulting me when I deigned to tune into the daily news.