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unaffiliated's podcast

Nov 15, 2017

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This week's episode is part of a two parter featuring Darren and Graham of Grimerica fame.

Last episode, the boys were defeated by a three headed baby, allowing Hitler's brain to escape with Sugar the Lady Sasquatch. Worse for the wear, the gang has survived, only to encounter a pair of fiendish Canadians.

Written and edited by Napoleon Doom
Cover Art by Napoleon Doom
I also write comicbooks and make art:
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Snapchat: lucid_nap
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Music: Opening/Closing Theme:

The Runaways by Arcade High

Special Thanks to:
Bill Lobe of

Felix Umberto, Jestin Sallas, and Todd Marco, who just bought my comic

and The Grimerica Show, who became a Patreon!

Jestin Sallas, the voice of Jestin, and Not Hitler's Brain
Adam Loyal, the voice of Adam and Bossman
Katya, Napoleon and Mable were voiced by a morosely depressed lobster.
Special Guests: Darren Grimes and Graham Dunlop of

Opening and closing theme: The Runaways, by Arcade High

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