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unaffiliated's podcast

Dec 17, 2017

Finally! The first episode of the Untitled Show on Unaffiliated. This episode on the occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in southeastern Oregon by an armed militia was recorded quite awhile ago and now has come off the shelf and into your earballs. Part 2 is hiding in purgatory as well and should drop next week. Part 3... well that's up to you. Part 3 will consist of your feedback and any updates to the topic since we've recorded the first two. You can send that feed back to:


There are three contributors to this episode and due to all three of them digging with a fine tooth comb over research material, the show notes seems a little too long to post here. For full show notes please visit:

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Original intro music by Steve Combs used under CC license. Intro was remixed.

Link to original: Introduction to Part 2 by Steve Combs

Original outro music by Steve Combs used under CC license. Outro was remixed.

Link to orignal: Introduction to Part 1 by Steve Combs